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Question About The Multipass


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Hi all,

I have watched the multipass vid and just got a question on setting it up. When you type the info in the menu.lst file how do you know what to put down for the kernel etc as there some apps in the vid got memdisk has the kernel then the .img like dban, then some have map --mem plus the .img ie on konboot. How do you know what you surposed to put down for any app

Any help will be great

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yeah and google.com lol :)

i've got a fair few things working but struggling with some TRK ... wont run ... and u cant have ubuntu and bt4 installed at the same time bc the casper dir needs to be in root

i got kon boot working but tried it on 3pcs n its failed

ophcrack is awesome

cdlinux is nifty

bt4 is pretty cool but im having driver issues hence installing ubuntu live ... but thats readonly i think :( (cdlinux is the only live os ive found that allows you to write files to the usb)

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