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Port Forwarding Etc. In Pineapple

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Is there port forwarding option in jasager?

Im trying to set up apache2 in one computer connected to my fon+ so I would like to allow port forwarding ip: port: 80

I would like to use jasager sometimes to share my connection to some devices, like its WPA/WPA2 protcted. or should it be done by mac filtering?

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well I also want jasager, but I just thought that when its like a router so it may also do some other things than just jasager.

Does it have port forvarding etc. its based on openwrt

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Have you tried browsing to port 80 on the device? I never used the web interface so can't remember if I installed it on the firmware. If you don't get anything then install either Luci or Webif

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I tried to install webif to fon+ but when I connect to my jasager and give username and password.

It directs me to page, where I can download info.sh file. and after that when I go to it directs me to jasager web interface.

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