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Tf2 Ninjas ?


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Ninjaneer, at your service. :D

But unfortunately I have a bad PSU and haven't played in a while. :(

EDIT: Oh right, your question. I've tried making a couple maps. Nothing spectacular.

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ive made some sick levels .... ill post some screen shots when i get chance

hammer is very annoying but worth while if you can be arsed to see a level through to the end

been playing tf2 for about 2/3 years and am still hooked i noticed they've brought some new weapons out for the soldier

.... haven played for a while b/c my hd is messed up after about 1/2 hr of play it starts making a really funny noise

need to clear down my pc soon

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TF2 is probably the only game i've stuck with over long after i cut out wow.

i find it amazing that a game a few months shy of 3 years old that is mulitplayer only can still remain freash and entertaining.

i don't play as much as i used to but tf2 is still the game i play the most

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