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Jasager And Mobile Phones.

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H folks! :)

I have a fon+ running jasager with ICS through my laptop on ubuntu 9.04.I have been doing a little testing at home using the "open wrt" ap broadcast from the fon+. My friend has an L.G chocolate mobile phone that is wifi enabled but when I ask him to connect through the "open wrt" ap he is unable to do so getting the error " unable to connect to known host" from his phone and connection is refused. All other computers in the house will happily connect 100% through "open wrt".......My question,obviously,is why does this happen with his mobile phone?


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where is he getting that error, in the browser, in the network config page etc?

Does he actually connect, check the Jasager interface to see if you see him connect, check the DHCP logs to see if he gets an IP address.

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Thanks for the reply digininja :)

Will look at what you have said the next time he comes round to my house.He just said out loud the error he got and I did not actually look at the fone itself so to see what was going on.I just asked him to try and connect directly to "open wrt" without karma enabled on jasager just out of curiosity really, as I have never tried to connect using a phone before.

Will post back when I can and be a bit more specific with the results. B)

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