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Ripping Music From Grooveshark


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I've been using Grooveshark (grooveshark.com) for a while now. I like it better than Pandora since it doesn't have any restrictions and you can listen to any song whenever you want. It's so convenient, which makes me think that the RIAA will probably shut it down in a few years. Anyway, I know some work has been done on saving music from Pandora. I know that you can always use a recording program to save any audio that passes through your speakers, but in the techniques I've seen for pandora, they download the actual file. My question is, can you do the same thing with Grooveshark? The only embedded thing I'm seeing in the page is something called "Grooveshark.mpeg" which is a little file that doesn't play on a regular media player. It's got some data in it, I just don't know how to get at it and see if it's interesting.

So is there a program or technique already out there? Or do we have to come up with one?

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