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My Voyage Through The World Of Wpa


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I've been programming now for about 15 years but never really got interested in hacking till recently, i mean when i was a kid I used to mess with sub7 and BO2k and all the other shitty RAT tools, but who wouldn't.

I dont know how it happened but about a week ago I some how ended up watching a hak5 video, nothing to do with hacking, in the video I saw one of the team using metasploit, thought i'd have a go so I spent a few days playing with old machines and various copies of windows. Using net_api which is great fun, but a little old now I doubt there are many machines left with this vuln. However may I just say the adobe pdf exploit is excellent as its undetected by most antivirus products and works really well on xp sp3 . .... and who updates adobe reader lol

.... so any way to further my knowledge I thought i'd rebuild another old machine (2.4ghz) machine with ubuntu ... (i will check backtrack out soon) ... i installed aircrack-ng

... couldnt get kismed to work with my card think it may be the driver (might i have more chance with it working on back track?)

so i installed ...wifi radar enough to give me the bssid and channel number (nice app and has a GUI)

i monitored the AP and got the WPA it took me 3hrs 28minutes passively as i can inject packets but believe the target machine was too far away. (i did try)

but have some really shitty wordlists and am having no luck cracking it

where's the best place to get some as i feel i've hit a brick wall ?

and my wireless card is a tp-link wn350g <<< anyone used this with kismed

hacking is addictive (much like picking locks) .... once you have one working you want to do another one

.... please give me some words of wisdom and help me see this through to the end .... i've tried every where to look for a solution to brute force using aircrack-ng but most are sketchy or dont explain themselves very well

... how possible is it to brute force wpa?

should i just move on and find another target ? ... or stick with this one ?

and one more question will backtrack solve my driver issues ?

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thanks dude i signed up to remote exploit last week too :)

is this the only known method to acquire psk's ?

ps. just finished one 33mb word list going to try another

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