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Pineapple Mark 2 Batter Pack ?

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The new battery back looks nice without the messiness of opening up the Open mesh router does anyone know where they could point me to making one or just post it on the forum with a list of all the parts used ?

Sorry was being stupid and not searching properly pardon my ignorance =/

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well i plan on buying the plug and pack on ebay, as shipping from stateside would probably cost a bundle.

make sure you order a 5.5mm/2.5mm plug, there are a few that look the same but might not fit.

im buying these but you might wanna search around for better deals thinking of how much shipping would cost to your location.

battery pack

Power plug

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Well if you are stateside i would go with the digikey parts darren posted.

I recommend using so shrinktubing to isolate the plug properly after soldering, a double layer of shrinktubing also provides some slack so you dont accidentaly rip the wires out of the plug.

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