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Connecting Pineapple Directly To Network

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Do you need to connect it to a laptop (for example) or would it work if connected directly to a network?

I just got one today, and I am playing around with it.. seems to be a pretty nifty bugger, that's for sure.

The only problem I am running into is that it is allowing the DHCP server on my network give out IP addresses instead of giving them out itself. Not sure if I've got it hooked up correctly or not. It's set for Bridged mode atm, which is probably the problem.

Internet Network --- Switch --- Pineapple --- wifi to clients

Any ideas?

EDIT: If I disconnect it from the internal network, it gives out addresses fine (after a power cycle).. I guess my DHCP server is too quick for it.

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You don't want to have two devices answering DHCP requests.

For MitM action, the easiest way I know is to connect the pineapple to your laptop. So you have Pineapple > Laptop > Network > Internet.

There is also a way to have two hooked up together for: Pineapple > openwrt > laptop > network > internet. That would for example, allow you to have wifi in an area that doesn't have wifi. I seen that mentioned in another thread, will be my next project.

See my other thread, I'm still not there yet, but it'll be cool when I figure it out!

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I'm still playing around with it and trying to figure it out.. watching some of the older Hak5 episodes too.

If the case is that you want it to hook up to a laptop, then use ICS to share the laptop's internet connection, I think that would work (Darren used a cell phone in Episode 4x12).

I wanted to hook it up to an internal network (probably shared via laptop) but I need to figure out how to set it up.

I'll take a look at your thread.

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I've set it up in both ways. If you want to run it routed through a network and still be in the middle then you just set the default gateway as the machine you want to run things through and have that forward on to the real gateway.

If you aren't running the DHCP server on the Fon then you won't see IP addresses in the Jasager interface as the way it detects IPs is through arp requests and DHCP leases and without running the DHCP server on the device neither happen.

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Thanks for the info.

I tried running ICS on my netbook (sharing the wireless connection) and hooking the pineapple up to the the ethernet port (with a straight-thru cable), but I'm obviously doing something wrong, since it's not working.

I am really new to ICS since I've always used a router + switch to share my internet connection.

I shall be doing some searching in the forum and see if I can find any more info on getting up ISC on Windows.

If I was going to do this on Linux, I would probably just set up a NAT and have it forward to the wireless interface, which sounds so much easier.

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