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Enable Dht And Pex For Private Torrents


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Hey all! D337z here with a little bit of an interesting project.

With the invent of PEX and DHT, certain torrent sites have disabled their trackers altogether.

As some of us may well know, BitComit has a built-in feature in its recent versions that forces the enabling of DHT for private torrents should the tracker be down. This means that if the peer count is 0, it shouldn't be for long. ;)

My question/project is, is there a means to force the usage of DHT and PEX under other programs such as Azureus? Since Azureus utilizes plugins, it seems to me that it wouldn't be entirely difficult to create one to perform this task.

In truth, this is somewhat of a selfish question because I've been waiting forever for a private torrent to finish with only 1 seed connected almost the entire time. Scotty, I need more power!

While I'm on the topic, if you use torrent programs, SEED! :angry:


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From what I've found, it does seem to be better; however, I have noticed that some trackers actually block the usage of BitComet. It's not really a big deal because you can use DHT in emergency situations regardless and there's even the ability to link with eMule if you want to search for the file there as well. However, I've noticed more people using utorrent than any other program out there. It's not really the best in my opinion, but I suppose it's alright. Just remember about bitcomet though that for the first few moments, there will be a couple of pop-ups about all the things the program can do. You can close them with alt+F4 since the X doesn't work on them.

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