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Episode 403

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in ep403 darren explains the pineapple and how it works. He also says that later on he will do and example of how to add shell scripts on the pineapple, does anyone know where i can find an example of this?

also im trying to work out how to make my fon 'standalone' at the moment its hooked up via the ethernet cable, ive soldered on a battery pack,

sorry for the noob stuff, i have done lots of searches but confusion and tiredness are wreaking havoc.


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If you want to add new modules then I've done a how to on my site. This talks you through adding new modules that will appear in the drop down in the client list.


As for stand alone, you can do it but you have to share the wifi between being a client of a real AP offering internet and being an AP to its clients. It isn't really a good idea as there is too much swapping around in the wifi so you get bad results. The best way to do it is with two Fon's back to back with ethernet between them, one does AP one does client.

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