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Short intro

Got the handshake on a wpa-psk access point.


Aircrack-ng -w PASSWORDLIST (780mb) -b BSSID sniff-01.cap


It has now gone for about 2.5 hours scanning passphrases without any success, Is this ever gonna work or do I need to do it another way?

Catched this from the net and truly wonder if there could be some truth to it.

IMPORTANT This means that the passphrase must be contained in the dictionary you are using to break WPA/WPA2. If it is not in the dictionary then aircrack-ng will be unable to determine the key.

I also have a 21GB large password list to be used, but I don´t know if it is wurth running it as I may take a couple of days to scan through?



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Thank you, but seems to me there should be an easier way to gain access to a wpa-psk AP, how about collecting ARP packages and then use them to find the key?

Any other ideas?

I'm sure if there was a easier way then it would have been found out by now.

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Use Pyrit in conjunction with CUDA and a NVIDIA card, or (and I haven't tested this) Stream with an ATi card.

Will look into this, have read somthing about it and know for a fact that it scans 2000000 at about 3 hours and a dictionary scan will take about 6 hours.

So wurth the try..

By the way, after 6 hours now, my scan is at 3,7 mill keys tested LOL

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