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Humble Request Regarding The Hak5 Lan Parties


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So having the weekend to myself I caught up on Hak5 and decided to look into the LAN party, after poking around on Steam I found that the Left 4 Dead starts at 4:00pm.

Maybe, for those of us in different timezones in particular, Darren/Shannon could announce what time the LAN party starts (not just the day) and state if its EDT or whatever just so I can work it out if I'll be able to play or not.

Thank you :)

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Wouldn't hurt if you ask me... Would make it a lot easier for people (or at least us, the out-of-the-loop-Euros) to join in. Might be interested in joining in myself if I'm not doing anything else, especially since it's Co-op so lag isn't as big of an issue.

Oh, and on the Steam page it says 6 PM, not 4. ;)

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