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Magellan Roadmate 2200t Hack


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Last year I purchased a refurbished older model GPS (got it cheap). A Magellan Roadmate 2200t whose core OS is Windows CE 5.0. I installed the XOverCE hack (no, i didnt write it, wish i was that good actually) and now have access to the Win CE interface, and am able to use it as a touch screen device, with the ability to not only play music or view photos, but also read word files, pdfs, as well as a few 3rd party gps apps, and have the ability to install certain other Win CE touchscreen apps.

The website where I found this information and the download is as follows:

GPSPassion XOverCE

(it lists a crossover 2500, but that is basically a 2200t with upgraded firmware, which I already did to this gps)

The only other item needed is an SD card (for both backup up your gps and installing XOverCE)

1. Download the XoverCE.zip file, and unzip

2. Copy the files to the sd card (make sure that DM.exe, micManager.exe, micManager.mscr, and Mortscript.exe are in the root of the sd card)

3. While gps is on, insert the sd card, and do a soft reboot (press the reset button on the bottom left side of the unit)

4. When it reboots, it will ask if you want to install the unlock or boot to the Magellan Shell, select "Install" and wait, the unit should reboot on its own

If everything goes well, it should boot up into a Windows style interface, and the link listed gives information on how to install apps, change backgrounds, etc.

I like having this access on an otherwise very outdated GPS unit, and am curious to see what others will do with this.

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I almost forgot, if you want it to simply boot back into the magellan interface, remove the sd card and do a soft reboot.

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