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Onboard Graphics Failure


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i semi-recently purchased a computer. when i brought it home, i discovered that it had onboard graphics. one problem: the onboard graphics don't work. i have tried a generic pci graphics card, it didn't work either. all other systems seem to be functioning normally (well, except for the hard drive, but that's another matter)

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AT PSU? I haven't seen one of those in ages...

Try reseating the RAM. Remove everything non-essential, any expansion cards, any drives, remove and replace the RAM (may take a couple of tries). If there's no speaker hooked to the motherboard, hook one up and check for POST beeps, if there is, expect to hear something if it decides to work.

Really though, it looks far too old to be useful for anything worthwhile, if you can't make it work doing the above (including VaKo's suggestions) just trash it, it's done. Judging by the size of the CPU fan and the lack of more expansion slots, I'd guess it's a Pentium/K6 class machine and a budget one at that, so really not worth the effort.

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I used to have a GPU card that was a TV out for my old AMD K6 II, and once it was installed and set up to boot with the new card, you couldnt see the bios screen on the built in vga any longer. There was a setting in my bios to disable the internal VGA and use the PCI as the primary graphics. If you removed the TV out card, it wouldnt revert back to the vga until you reset the bios.

#1 - Pull the battery on the cmos or if its even older, might be able to just flip a dip switch or push button on the mobo to reset the bios settings to get the default bios vga display settings.

If you cant get to the bios screen before post, then you cant even diagnose if there is an option to disable the on board vga via the bios, which means most likely you would be doign things blind and not know what screen or keys ot press for things in the bios. Try the battery trick to see if you can get the screen back, but I suspect its the cable or the mobo itself.

#2 - Does the vga cable have a conencter to the mobo you can remove, or is it hard wired to the board/components? If it can be replaced try getting the part and swapping it out, then give it another shot.

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#1 already did both

#2 i can remove it, but i don't know where to get a replacement

Not sure if this is the same part, but from what you have said, probably just a bad board and not worth the time. Does it get any kind of post beeps or post beep errors?

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