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Hacksaw Only Uploading One File.


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I have my hacksaw configured for 20mb rar files because gmail now supports 25mb files attachments. So, with that I wanted to test and see if it would upload a file of that size with no problems and also see if the drives data was bigger then 20mb if it would break up the files and upload them all. .rar .r00 .r01 . . . etc. So, I took a second drive that I have laying around and I put about 26mb on it. Then plugged it in and watched it. It did everything right, right up to the uploading part. It copied the drive's data to the docs folder, then rar'ed it into two files goodies.rar (20mb) and goodies.r00 (5.6mb). So, the next step was to email them. I let it run for about 10 minutes, logged into my account, and saw that the 20mb file, goodies.rar, was uploaded. I was like, "cool." and I thought that the other file might be uploading right now. So, I waited a little longer and refreshed. . . Nothing. I opened task manager and saw that blat wasn't running anymore.

So, in the end, I'm thinking that the setting or config file will only upload one file. how can I rewrite the send.bat to email all rar files?


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