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Just Want To Say Thank You All And Offer The Pandora App I Once Made


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Hey everyone!

I was checking out a way to save songs while listening to grooveshark since I now use this the most for streaming music, and I came upon this forum. I downloaded the saver2 app and love it! Awesome work! I no longer need to make one haha

Awhile back I was using pandora exclusively for music and so I wanted to build an application that would save this music. I ended up building my Pandora On Demand app to do this. Looks like you all have plenty of programs that do this here already, but I thought I might as well add mine to your collection!

To use Pandora On Demand, be sure to run this before you browse to pandora.com and be sure to use either IE, chrome, or safari as the browser (I flip the registry key to enable a proxy and mozilla doesnt check the registry).

The UI shows what was last downloaded/saved and shows the directory you are currently saving to (you can change it by clicking the folder button).

You can download it here: http://dmanders.com/Files/PandoraOnDemand/Setup.msi

Enjoy and thanks guys!

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