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Didicated Vm Server Hardware Recommendations


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I'm currently running 3-4 VMs on my file server using Vbox. Said file server only has a Pentium Dual Core 2.93 GHz CPU with 4 GB of RAM. It's bogging it down big time.

Anyway, I was thinking about getting a server, probably running a Quad core, just to host Virtual machines.

I'm open to suggestions, I've got a couple other machines here, but the only ones that are capable of Intel VT are the server and my main desktop. I want all the Virtual machines consolidated if possible.

This is for home use, as well. I don't think that I'll be running virtual machines much after I get my damned MS cert done, but I really don't know.. cuz I'm not a fortune teller. :P

Thoughts, ideas?

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I was thinking that DDR3 800 would work fine. (if I could find it)

EDIT: 4GB sticks of RAM are freaking expensive - 300 bucks for 2 x 4GB sticks. Sheesh!

It is starting to sound like getting a cheap dell server might be worthwhile.. cheaper at least.

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I am currently running 2 VMs on my Xp box, with a 10.000RPM HDD and 8 Gigs of ram in total and an Intel Quad Core CPU running at 2.8 GHZ.

I think you will be better off with a faster CPU and lots of ram just to keep the VMs running happily. I personally don't like Dells, I never had a good experience with Dells, but that is just me.

Alternately you could do a search for computer parts online, and build a cheap and fast system for just over $1000.00 dollars. But if your budget is tight, I guess Dell will do just fine.

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