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Problem With Mom's Old Data On A Wd Drive


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I have a WD passport hard drive that my mother was using to backup pictures via the built-in "WD sync" program. well now her computer has crashed, and she has no idea what the password to her WD Sync profile is... all the data is here on the drive but I cant get to it because its encrypted. her normal passwords arent working,

can I brute force this thing? if so how would I start?

I know this is noobish but its outside my normal realm

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Apparently WD sync uses 128bit AES... assuming it's implemented correctly (some thing as simple as this isn't exactly difficult to do correctly), all hope is lost, well, unless you want to spend a few (hundred) years brute forcing it.

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I think it's time to get in touch with WD support


That link takes you to the Knowledge Base (instructions on how to setup a WD Sync, I noted it asks you for a password hint, from looking at the images on the website it looks like you need to use a numeric pad to enter the password, could it be as simple as '1111' or '1234' ?)

This link takes you to the support portal http://support.wdc.com/

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