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Dd-wrt Wireless Client Email Alert


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I am hoping there is some kind of functionality for DD-WRT to alert me via email, when a new client joins my wireless network. Maybe specifically when a client receives an IP from DHCP. or whatever... bottom line is, I trust the security of DD-WRT, but maybe not my password? I want to know if someone else is on my router, and be notified via email. can it be done?

thank you in advance

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It would probably be better to use a stronger passphrase or key if you are concerned about someone getting on yer router.

Check here: http://www.grc.com/passwords.htm

best password gen evar!

if you wanna get l337 quick on how computers work listen to security now from the very beginning. amazing stuff ( altho i DESPISE his plugs for spinrite) its a great show

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