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Hak5 Cluedo


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I like the cast cards but it seems the weapon cards are seriously lacking. It would also be good to use images of the same style, i noticed the joystick one was drawn and the cat5e was croped picture. Didn't look particularly good.

But keep up the good work.

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Ye, a multiplayer version over the internet shouldn't be too hard to make. To make it secure (as in unhackable) would make it a more difficult thing to make. Although, it's fairly easy to avoid it been made hackable, just have most of the processing done server side. That way dice roles and player piece movments shouldn't be hackable. Any thoughs on what language to use? I was thinking of flash or shockwave becasue then the players wouldn't even have to download and manualy run the game.

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Indeed, a board game for all the family.

An online version would be great, if someone feels like making an irc bot we could have it secretly choose the murder cards, pm you your cards and roll the dice on each turn. Then we could call out coordinates and guesses in the channel.

I've put coordinates on the latest map:


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