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C-64 (frodo) Working On Zipit


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Soooo, I've been wanting to get into cross compiling, partially because I'll need to code up a modbus implementation at some point once I've soldered on a serial port to the Zipit, partially because I wanted to putz. So I downloaded the Z2 dev environment (Linux with scratchbox ready to go in a nice virtualbox.. OMG) http://rayhaque.blogspot.com/2010/02/all-n...opment-kit.html

And set about figuring out how to cross-compile. Starting with vim (failed), then onto x64 (vice), failed ./configure - needs some X11 libs and I have no idea how to get them into scratchbox. So some googling led me here:


Which is where someone already did it! Going over to the main Frodo site and downloading the tarball got me the BASIC ROM and once that was extracted into the path she fired right up!

Sort of useless tho. There aren't enough keys on the keyboard and I can't figure out how to type numbers or do run/stop or anything. Just an idea of whats possible!

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