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Zipit Z2 + Ext Connector / Serial Port


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Just ordered the connector for the zipit. On the zipitforge page they break out a USB data line. Anyone know if the zipit is a host or a client device? I'm looking to add a battery/charge device and a constant headphone connector to use the zipit as a source for mp3 playback.

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I have me expansion port connector. it arrived today. I'll be building my plugin charger dock thingy and headphone output soon. I'm SO impressed with the DAC on this cheap ass box. Not to mention how fraking loud it is! Also the idea of text mode control like in the old days (I'm thinking x-tree gold and shit) is really appealing to me.

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The audio out of mine is pretty muffled.

The built in speaker sucks!

Use headphones, and disable the internal speaker

use command "alsamixer" and use it to disable the speaker

use smile face to exit

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I am looking for a Zipit Z2 expansion port connector. Where did you get yours?

Do you know if you can access audio "INPUT" from this port?



Newark Part No:


Manufacturer Part No:


I never actually buit the connector BTW, and the USB port I was looking to get at is only a device using the current kernels. You must update to U-Boot and get a diff kernel running to make it a host port. Then you gotta worry about PXA drivers for USB stuff.......

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