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If anyone's up for an easter egg hunt, not unlike that Hak5 did mid-season 5 IIRC, have a look at the latest Portal update. So far, intrepid fans have found:

  • Morse Code
  • SSTV Images
  • A BBS which spits out ASCII art. Possibly of Portal 2?

Summary: http://netshroud.wordpress.com/2010/03/02/...mission-update/

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I really like this, Valve bring the game to life by doing a simple modification that makes it seem like some one is trying to help you even after the game has been released. Portal and Half Life are coming together for the last Half Life 2 episode as we know, this will be hyping up to this no doubt.

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There's also a new ending to the game now, in a second update from the 3rd of March and Portal 2 was announced on the 5th. There's a zillion threads on the Steam forums covering just about every possible aspect of this challenge, including new updates as and when they come.

I love how in-depth this thing is though, using SSTV, a real dialup BBS, morse code, ASCII art, MD5 hashes... basically, the only way you'd stand a chance of working it out, especially in a reasonable time, is with a lot of minds, moreso because most of those technologies are foreign to most gamers I would think, especially younger gamers.

I love how it was tied into the real world with the BBS too, it's been branded an ARG by many, and I think there's massive potential for bridging games to their sequels in this way, especially with a game such as Portal.

Anyway, to sum up, kudos to Valve, long may their sense of humour and provision of such titles and challenges continue.

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That's why I like Valve, the way they do stuff is different from all the other game company's these days that just seem like they want your money and don't give to shits about you, charge you for DLC to play multilayer for a game you just spent $70 on. I just hope they don't turn into the other companies.

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