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User and Hak5 Feedback on CMS Software


Which CMS do you like better  

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    • Mambo
    • Joomla!
    • Drupal

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Currently i'm using http://www.joomla.org content management for my website blogging and news purposes located here http://www.mmadogs.com. However, i've been reading in many different forums and discussions that http://www.drupal.org is possibly the better of these packages.

Anybody use these software packages before or currently - if ya do/have could you please tell me of the 3 (or any others like XOOPS) which one would be the best outta the 3? From ya own personal experience


drink a dam beer!! :)

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You keep pimping modX, once my server finishes compiling i'm going to give it a whirl.

I like it because it gives you are very nice back end with AJAX, which makes it very useful for running on servers on slowish connection because it only requests what it needs, not the whole page again.

And it is built very much around the person setting it up doing things themselves. Like designing themes and customising it. If you just want something to install, pick a theme from a list and use then its probably not very good.

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Thats whats always annoyed me about CMS's, the generic 3 column layout, banner advert at the top, the same themes, I did a site with around 100 pages, all hand coded and really wanted to put it on a CMS system by the end of the project, and run the content threw a database instead of using includes and a bazilion txt file. But I could never work out how to substantially alter the page layout and gave up on the idea.

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Every page or collection of pages I have every written have been either hand coded or Dreamwoven ;)

I've been meaning to look in to CMS but the ones I've seen so far have either been near-useless, too bloated or just not what I'm looking for...

You know, I've even seen commercial ones that are pure crap so the free ones can't be that bad...

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I use (and really like) Joomla.

True, there are always security flaws, and significantly customizing a template is a PitA, but I still like it.

BTW, Joomla and Mambo are basically the same thing.

true the camp split from mambo to form joomla, i'm just worried cause joomla is starting to say within a year or so they will be branching further from the original source so makes me wonder bout the current mambo cross modules i'm using if they might still work later on joomla.

Personally i'd rather hard code the php myself also but don't have the time to sit down and do it i'm literally given 3-5 days per site to design logo, theme, layout, xhtml code, to data entry for the page which sucks. Why i'm literally out there trying to find the easiest and most design capabile but yet user friendly backend.

Completely agree also -with the 3 column layout sucking cause ya are kinda stuck with it - i usually just use the basic script to remove the 3rd column if not needed on some pages but still a bit hookie if ya ask me - LOL

My biggest question is with SEO - with these CMS packages does anybody know if the spiders, bots, and crawlers are able to spider the pages body content for keyword frequency and density in order to index them correctly? I've already renamed the .htaccess file from .txt to just htaccess file but when i checked with the google command allinurl: or site: only the home page pulls up as being indexed and my page rank analyzer WebCeo claims to find more pages and when i do a search it does find them but the overall command for the engines returns no results? Any suggestions on this, cause i'm literally pulling my hair out over here trying to meet deadlines - LOL


aug :)

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