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Darren Kitchen - Clarification: I lost my day job. Hak5 for life! No worries it's just life :)

Horray! Well.... boo for loosing his job(not to him but his previous employer) but yay! to the fact that we now have confirmation that DK is going to go exclusive to hak5 :D

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Don't worry guys I'm in this for the long haul. It's my true passion and I know in my heart I'm up to the challenge of making it out West. Thank you for your support!

So... where's that Google Map wiki for couches? I like your show, wouldn't mind giving you a couch to stay on - it's the least I could do after learning so much cool stuff.

Well... the least I could do is absolutely nothing, but I'll go one better and offer a couch! (<-- Homer)

I live in the Phx, AZ area, so that's kinda on the way to SF from PA via MO. (But if you're coming through these parts after mid-May or so, I'd advise you go further North... it gets "warm" after that time of year)

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still got my modded hak5 sticker on my old laptop which you may remember from ages back (search pictures of hak5 stickers). Willing to buy more when i get paid! hope all goes well DK

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I wanted to say a few things, as myself not what has been recent cabster21.

To Darren, the post above was me. Do what you can, on this travel take it all in, meet that you can and never ever think "This isn't fun". There will be time where it simply isn't, you feel drained etc. Tell whoever you are with, respect their time and enjoy it. Being British that quite often meant go for a few drinks.

It doesn't have to, it may seem like you're just going across the country. You're not! Think of all the people you know OF! Make this a time to see everywhere, even if it is from a film. I don't care, nor should you. Live, Christ man, go for it. You're going across the country of the USA!! Meet everyone, get it on camera, your bike shots on youth be were good, we want to see that!

Just... Don't hold back and show us all.

Good luck man, don't stay in your safety barrier, it's not going anywhere, remember that.

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