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Compling timescales?


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I've been playing around with compling software for FreeBSD, mainly to see if there is any difference between the performace of the precompiled stuff and compiling it from source. But KDE, QT and X11R6 have been compiling for over 24 hours now, no errors, but its just taking a Looong time. So my question is, is there a way of working out how long things will take to compile? I'm using a dual 500mhz p3 system with 1gb of RAM, and an IDE disc, and I have around 400mb of source code to compile all in all, which needs about 4gb of disc space to play nicely according to the kde on FreeBSD docs. Any ideas?

Also, i have to scsi LVD discs, and a cable, i remeber something about termination, but I cannot access the disks with freeBSD or ubuntu. I only have scsi on the freeBSD box. Do I need drivers for the scsi controler? Or can freeBSD not mount NTFS formatted drives out the box?

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The people at LinuxFromScratch rate their packages in SBU.

1 SBU = the time it takes to compile binutils.

At least that way you can make some sort of educated guess for yourself how much longer it's going to take.

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