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Combined Diablo 2 Discs


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Does anybody know how to combine the three discs that you have to install? I'd like to make it just one disc so I can easily install without replacing the discs every time. I've attempted it, but I can't mount the iso for some reason. Maybe it has to do with the fact I did:

# cat <folder>/*.* diablo2.iso

The mount command I use is:

# mount -o loop -t iso9660 diablo2.iso /mnt/

For the cds, I just copied them to my HDD. Then combined into one folder, taking out what I don't need like the .ico, autorun.inf, and the manual. I also did some basic searching which resulted in nothing on my topic (mostly in-game cheats).

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if you have a legit CD key you can go to https://us.battle.net/login/ and create a Battle.net account and add your cdkey to the account and then download the D2 and D2lod installers, They are single files that you can just keep somewhere on your comp and run them anytime to install D2 same goes with all blizzard games from Warcraft 2 and up but you have to have a legit cdkey for each game, also by my guessing all Cdkeys from warcraft 2 up will have to be added this way when Battle.net 2.0 is released, im quite sure you will use a single account on Battle.net 2.0 and it'll be your Battle.net account, they have already forced WoW accounts to be merged into a battle.net Account [FYI]

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they're just cd's right, create some images, and burn them to a dvd and just mount when you need the other disks.

OR! if they install just uses some sort of files such as data##.cab, I believe that you can just copy the .cab files over, and any required directories, and it should just run through the install without even asking for the other disks.

But I could be wrong.

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