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I possibly just bricked my Open-Mesh router. What steps should I take from here to find out for sure/ unbrick?


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I will walk through the steps I was just going through.

  • I had my wireless router at home set to, and I was flashing the Open-Mesh router at the same time over the ethernet port on my laptop.
  • While still flashing the Open-Mesh router (which by the way listens on while flashing :(), I changed my wireless router to to solve some problems I had been having.
  • After some time, the flashing utility started to use a lot of my CPU, around 50%. After a bit it displayed:

    "stderr:No RedBoot prompt. Exit in line 428"

    and then it stopped moving forward.

  • Knowing that it wasn't moving I impulsively closed the utility, and while I did so I realized how stupid that is to do :( I now get the above error whenever I try to flash it, whether I am connected to my home wireless router or not.
Is the Open-Mesh router bricked? If so, will making a serial cable allow me to get it to a usable/ flash-able state? :/

I feel like such a fool.

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