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Codecs and video storage on hard disks.


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Hi. I am interested in studying an open source video codec (for academic reasons). I mean, I really want to look into the code and understand how it works. I am sure many of you must have studied codecs. Could you please suggest me an easy codec (which is used in the industry) to study?

Also, how is a video stored on a hard disk? Suppose you have a movie file, say 700 MB in size. How is the audio and video information stored? Is it stored in continuous locations, or is it stored in fragments?

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Best way would do it the old fashion way. Google! :D I've personally been interested in Theora or the .ogg Haven't switched though... Seems everything needs its own format. Hard to stick to one. Let alone pick one and try and figure it out. I can imagine the algorithm would be deeply complex. Best of luck! Find anything interesting would be glad to see your findings.

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