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My flash drive is showing up as a CD drive?


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My friend borrowed my flash drive (Sandisk Micro Cruzer U3) and when he returned it he said it was broken. I plugged it in but my U3 didn't start. I went to My Computer to find that I have two CD drives only. Somehow the whole flash drive part of the drive is missing and the only part left is the emulated cd drive. I also can not format the drive. Any help restoring the drive to working order?

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Try mounting it in linux and formatting it as fat32. You may have to wipe the cdpartition completely, then use their tool to restore it, but sounds like he tried to format the drive at soem point and things didint work properly.

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In Windows 6.x (Vista or greater) you can use diskpart to access the disk and reformat it.

Start -> diskpart, (wait a moment), type "list disk", note which one is your flash drive, then type "select disk x" where x is the number relating to your disk, and then type "clean". Then type "create partition primary", then type "select partition 1" and "format fs=fat32", and finally type "exit". The disk should now show up under My Computer, or Disk Manager under Manage Computer. The U3 stuff will probally need some form of program to fix.

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