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DKU-5 Driver

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Hello again!

So after a long while of procrastination and shipping time I finally recieved my DKU-5 cable in the mail yesterday. After a couple hours of research I got the wires figured out. Now the only hurdle I have before I connect up to is finding a driver that will work for the cable.

Here is the situation.

1. Downloaded and installed Nokia DKU5 Driver.

2. Connected up the DKU5 Cable.

3. Windows said no driver was found for "USB to UART Adapter"

This is where I am stuck. Please Help me.

P.S. How would I go about connecting to the fon after I get the cable working?

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My nokia CA-42 cable uses the Prolific pl-2303, a very popular USB->serial chip, it might be inside yours too.

For some reason the latest drivers from the Prolific website ( http://www.prolific.com.tw/Eng/downloads.asp?ID=31 ) don't work with my cable, so here's the old driver I'm currently using:


If that doesn't work, you should try to find out what particular chip your cable is using and get drivers for it.

And if it works, just connect the cable to the tx and rx pins accordingly, and the ground wire (which will be the cable's shielding probably) to the ground pin of the router (otherwise you'll get garbage).

Use putty or hyperterminal to open the connection, and that's it.

Good luck!

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Unfortunately, no.

The cable has to be a USB to serial adapter (like DKU-5 or CA-42), the DKU-2 is just a USB cable with a different connector.

I got Nokia DLR-2L cable from my exboss... Is it possible to get that work? It has serial connector on one end and connector for Nokia Communicator 9200 on other end.


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You have to check the voltage levels of the rx and tx pins of the connector, they must be 3,3V.

The serial port of a PC works at 12V, which would damage the router when connected directly, if the cable doesn't decrease the voltage it cannot be used.

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