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Smart Data Backups


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I'm all for backing up my data, but I'd like to find a way to do it intelligently. Say I have a folder of 100 Word documents and I back them up to an external hard drive. Then I make a new Word document on my computer. The next time I go to backup my Word documents, I'd like for it to recognize that the external HDD already has the 100 Word documents and have it only copy over the new Word document. Also, if one of the 100 gets modified, it should copy over the newer version.

Do you guys have any recommendations for me? I'm running Win7 Premium 64-bit.

I'd like to backup certain folders and be able to have direct access to the files on the external HDD...rather than having one big archived file.

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Do you really need a program to do that? You can just copy them all to an external HD, and with windows it asks you if you want to replace it with a newer file. Maybe check up into Norton Ghost for backing up also make sure the newer file does contain any bad code. I sometimes archive mine by date and name, .zip, .rar, .tar, whatever gets it done..

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