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Simple password access protection.


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In one of the fairly recent episodes of Hak5, Darren did a brief 'segment' about password protecting USB flash drives. The tool was very simple, and it's only function was to prompt for credentials upon connection of a USB drive. I would like to get this tool, but I can't remember the name of it, or which episode it was. Sorry if this has already been brought up. If it has, I wasn't able to find it using forum search. If someone could just remind me of the episode number I would be happy to look it up myself. Thanks.

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"cryptsetup" is a linux ENCRYPTION tool, probably not what you are after .

Your flash-drive most likely has password-protection built in, in the form of the ATA-security functions .

The trick is finding the software to set/enter the password .

For USBest controllers (Ut163,165 etc) it's called "UFDUtility.exe", the manual is here :


and the program is here : http://www.mediafire.com/?mnydz3gnwzu

The tool is made for the controller, each chip-vendor has their own (or should have )

So, you will need to identify your UFD's controller-chip and then use google to find the tool .

(or have a look at flashboot.ru, they have a few login-tools in the collection .

Some login-tools are provided with the controllers Mass Production Tool )

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