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Samsund LCD TV


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A few months ago I bought this cool new Samsung 32" LCD TV. After setting it all up, I started reading the manual that came with it, where I learned that the USB drive in the back is there for flashing purposes. The TV had a built in software program utility for accessing the USB drive and running the files stored on it. My TV's firmware was already the newest version, so that was the first and last time I used the USB on the TV. I was just wondering if there is a new firmware for it, which made me also wonder if I can do any fun extracurricular software upgrades. I don't know anythign about flashing TV's, but maybe someone here does? I know that my other, larger and much more expensive, Samsung TV has all kinds of cool features on it like an RSS reader, something called WiseLink PRO, photo display software, etc etc, all of which involve the use of USB drives and special (proprietary i assume) Samsung USB wifi adapters. My smaller bedroom one doesn't have all of that cool stuff, though it does have a USB drive. Any thoughts?

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try taking a current firmware update and run it against the "file" command in linux. From there, youd get a type of file or just "data". If you get a certain type of archive lookup how to extract it and go have some fun.

Otherwise, it will be a little harder

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