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is there something better then fail2ban to monitor my SSH auth logs from attackers. <other than a hardware firewall no $$ to spend> i got port 22 open and forwarding to the Linux box. just curious if there something or should i stick with what i got witch work fine. :unsure:

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The best way to secure an SSH server is to:

1: Don't use port 22

2: Disable root login

3: Disable using SSH1

4: Disable password authorization - use shared keys instead

5: Install fail2ban/denyhosts

There's probably something I am missing, but so far I haven't had any problems with anyone getting on my server.

Of course, I also locked down the filewall on it (gogo iptables) to only allow access from my local LAN and from 1 specific external IP address, so that's probably part of the security.

EDIT: As for me checking my logs.. I don't really do it, since it will only make me feel paranoid.

I do run this command sometimes:

cat /var/log/auth.log | grep ssh

That'll cat yer auth log and filter anything that has ssh in it.

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