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HOWTO: Turn your Droid into MyFi


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Now that Darren has showed us how to root the droid, Lifehacker has turned it into a MyFi like device. If you don't know what MyFi is, it's a mobile wireless access point that connects you to a 3G connection.


This is perfect and what I've been wanting from my droid! However, I don't have the guts to test it out on my phone and brick it. Anybody try this?


Darren, maybe a segment on this?

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Alrighty, I just tested this out this morning. The application installs fine. I set it up to tether. I turned on WEP (I know, but it's the only encryption available), and I was able to connect to it via the wireless on my laptop. However, I was unable to get out on the net. I was able to ping up to the gateway (my droid), but I never got outside. Tried pinging google.com and and got nothing. Maybe some DNS or routing issue going on there. I would try changing DNS servers but I'm not seeing an option for that in the app. Anybody else try this?

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I use Wireless Tether with my HTC MyTouch (Magic).

Of course you need to Root the phone of course....

With T-Mobile the 3G speed is pretty mediocre here in KC, but, I've had my laptop and 2 iPod touches connected simult. with pretty decent results.

It comes pre-installed on some the ROMs available (Version 1.6)


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