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XKCD "Network"


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I love the XKCD web comic, and one sketch I particularly like is "Network".

The idea of having that kind of set up is really interesting, however I have zero knowledge on how to re-create something like this.

There was some discussion on the xkcd forums on the subject, but nothing came from it.

Anyone here got any ideas on how to kick this off?


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I suspect thats been done a few times at the Global level, with Processing and all that sort of thing. But what about a personal map of your networked devices and the things they talk to as you wander around? I think that'd be quite cool.

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First create a ESXi box with multiple XP/Server 2003 Exhcange VMs and put it behind a NAT box to keep the viruses away. Then start the infection (refer to episode 404 to get your typical viruses) and use Solarwinds ESX VM monitor to monitor the traffic and viruses.

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