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Virus issues


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AVG found and deleted sheur2.cikq yesterday and now exe files will not run at all. Including msconfig, cmd, firefox, etc. When I click on a shortcut, it just brings up the dialog that asks which program to use to open exe's with. However, I right clicked an open office file and did open with>open office and that worked.

Any suggestions?

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Can you do any restore points? Sounds like a registry issue. Also, get rid of AVG and find something better. This could have been a false positive, and AVG just kille dyour system files.

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AVG is my preferred anti-virus when I need any realtime anti-virus software. Apart from there attempts to make money though changing your browser to use Yahoo! if you are not careful I don't see any thing wrong with it. Version 9 was recently released as well and it seems to be a bit quicker.

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My question is, were you running AVG when it found these viruses and cause this exe issue, or did you only use AVG after the infection? Google searches show all kinds of issues with AVG and sheur false positives.

If its an absolute must for free software, then use AVG at your own discretion, but I've seen my fair share of AVG scans being over reactive with false positives and when removing things, causing these sorts of problems with computers. Things like registry cleaners and such often get blocked under AVG as false positives and there have been instances of AVG deleting important system files that will even cause a machine not to boot(to be fair, I've also seen Norton and McAfee do this as well). The free version doesn't give you as much control over the settings, either.

Antivir is free and also seems to be very thorough, but from what I have read is very slow. I've never used it, so YMMV.

ClamWin, while not a real time scanner, is free, fits on a thumb drive for portability, and can be burned to a CD so as not to get infected itself. Ive used this program, and while not as beefy as maybe some commercial programs, its a nice portable scanner and secondary scanner to have in your arsenal. It can scan memory as well. There is a FF extention for ClamWin (ClamWin Glue) which turns it into a real time scanner (sort of) which will scan any downloads in FF as you save them to your HDD, but I've never used the extension, so I can't say how good it is, or if it works correctly. Use the FF extension at your own risk.

For better scanners, I personally like Kaspersky and NOD32, but they are not free. I use Kaspersky myself and ZoneAlarm, but also have ClamWin portable with me at all times on my USB key and a live xp disc. If you keep up to date Virus definitions on your system and you double check your downloads with places like Virus Total http://www.virustotal.com/ BEFORE running them, you will be better off. Nothing is 100% full proof, but in my experience, AVG is has its issues. We use it at school and still manage to get infected, but we also have people inserting drives from home, which I'm sure doesn't help. Your surfing habits and browser software more than anything can determine your safety level too though.

If you are getting infections, then that leads me to believe your PC's security is lacking to begin with, and the places you visit are not of a safe nature, such as torrent and warez sites. Along with Anti-Virus, you need a good firewall and spyware tools.

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AntiVir Free is a great anti-virus client, much better than AVG (which is the Norton AV of free AV), faster and less obtrusive. Aside from the free version showing a banner advert when it updates (you could probally remove this but I've never bothered to look into it, you click ok and its gone), it just sits there in the background until it finds something and otherwise stfu. Uses 12mb of RAM to do this.

But nothing beats knowing what your doing, I spent much of the 00's on dodgey sites and never got infected.

My advice for the current situation, reinstall. In the time this thread has been running you could have got the system setup again.

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I've seen viruses cause the exe issue you're having. Check out the registry key listed above. Chances are, it nuked system restore, so if that doesn't work, try a windows repair install. If that doesn't work, reformat/reinstall.

When I was consulting, the rule of thumb is to spend less than an hour attempting to remove/fix whatever the malware broke. If you can't get it in an hour, throw in the towel. Backup, reformat, reinstall.

I doubt the .exe problem was caused by AVG. This was probably a product of the virus itself. I'm not going to pick my favorite AV app, but just make sure you have something protecting the system thats working and getting signature updates. Can't tell you how many times people think they're protected because the 30 day trial that they got with their computer is protecting them.

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