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Questions about the PSP and "Cracking it"


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first off, i just bought a psp today. I was upset to find out that I couldnt save any game data from my new game "Liberty City Stories" on my PSP. Because it didnt come with ANY sort of memory. I didnt know if this was an accident on my part. Maybe i threw away something. But i thought it came w/ like 256memory. I didnt find this out til the stores have allready closed. So thats my first quesiton. Does the PSP come w/ any memory, did i throw my stick away?

And quesiton two, i wont be able to get around a computer w/ working USB ports(long story) til tomorrow. I was wondering if there are any tweaks or cracks i could play aroudn with that dont involve me connecting my PSP to my computer.

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I was lucky enough to grab one that was 2.5 upgradable to 2.6 so there is a way to downgrade my fimrware. I heard the new ones that come w/ 2.6 out of the factory wont be able to use upcoming mod chips. lucky me i gotone when i did.

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