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I'm trying to get NeXpose working on backtrack 4.

I followed the instructions i found on securitytube.net,

everything installs oke but when i login it gives me this error msg.

Database initialization failed : Error starting PostgreSQL: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "/opt/rapid7/nexpose/nsc/nxpgsql/pgsql/nxpgsql": java.io.IOException: error=13, Permission denied

So far i tried

* Edit /opt/rapid7/nexpose/nsc/conf/nsc.xml

* Change line #4 to say: <Database dbms=”postgresql” db=”//”>

<Database dbms=”postgresql” db=”//”>

* Save nsc.xml

* Edit /opt/rapid7/nexpose/nsc/nxpgsql/nxpdata/postgresql.conf

* Uncomment line 60 and change it to say: “port = 5433 # (change requires restart)”

* Save postgresql.conf

with no luck..

NeXpose can be found here

any ideas?


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