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Apple releases Ipad

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Interesting Whig. Definitely looks like an iPad competitor. Runs flash, has camera and USB port. It's $500, same as the iPad, but the real question: does it run linux? Chrome maybe?

Is the battery replacable?

However, the battery life isn't as good as the iPad. Hackability will make or break this product.

Can it be less hackable than iPad? :lol:

iPod Touch/iPhone has been here years but I haven't seen any really interesting hacks with those two.

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Oh my! Speaking of Apple's iPad another Legal BS from Fujitsu (in Japan) Like the iPhone by Cisco Systems

Apple may face 'iPad' legal battle

Tokyo, Japan (FT) -- Apple may face a legal battle with Fujitsu of Japan before it can it can use the 'iPad' name for its new tablet computer.

Since 2002, Fujitsu has made a handheld computer called the iPad for use by shop assistants, and has an outstanding trademark application for the name.

Fujitsu said it "is aware of Apple's iPad announcement and the possible infringement on our trademark". "We are currently discussing our options with our trademark counsel and have no further comment at this time," the company said.

While trademark disputes rarely prevent the release of products or force a change of name, if Apple cannot overturn Fujitsu's application or demonstrate that the two products will not be confused, it may have to buy the rights from Fujitsu.

In 2007, Apple reached a settlement in a similar dispute with Cisco Systems, which owned a prior 'iPhone' trademark.

The Fujitsu iPad has a 3.5-inch screen, an Intel processor, a Microsoft operating system (Yes. it's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition ;) ) and supports both Wi-fi and Bluetooth wireless connections. It is designed to link shop assistants and managers to data on stock and sales.

Fujitsu initially applied for an 'iPad' trademark in the US in March 2003 but its request was suspended because of an even earlier filing by a company called Mag-Tek, which wanted to use the same name for keypads used to enter personal identification numbers.

At one point Fujitsu's application was listed as abandoned by the US Patent and Trademark Office but in June 2009 Fujitsu filed to revive it. That application is still outstanding.

In July 2009, acting through a proxy, Apple first applied for the iPad trademark in Trinidad & Tobago, gaining it a 'priority date' to use in other international applications.

In September, October and again in December 2009 Apple filed requests with the USPTO to give it more time to oppose the Fujitsu application. Apple now has until the February 28 to say whether it will oppose Fujitsu's trademark.

Fujitsu's trademark lawyer, Edward Pennington of Hanify & King, told Bloomberg: "They probably need to talk to us and we haven't had any direct communications with Apple." He described Apple's position as "awkward".

Fujitsu has only made a trademark application for 'iPad' in the US. There are several other owners of 'iPad' trademarks around the world, including Siemens, which has the right to use the term for engines and servo motors; and Coconut Grove Pads, which since 2008 has had the rights to the term for padded bras


This is another IP Violated?

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joojoo looks great, but the issue is can it out perform. Priced lower or higher, I will have to say that when you go against Apple, you better be packing a good product.. cant believe I just said that 0-o!

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I just had a thought.. Maybe it's like the jitterbug version of the i-pod. :D

If this device were: About 2" smaller, had multitasking, supported most audio/video formats, did 1080p, 1 gig/ram, 500gb ssd, had 12 hr battery life, and was about $200 cheaper I could see this being a killer addition to anyone's tech-arsenal, but alas.. I call it fail at the starting line...

You can get a 12" HP touchsmart from walmart for ~$900 that blows this straight out of the water in everything but the screen.

I just got Archos 5 its running android. 9 inches is too big but 5" fits in your hand or pocket nicely :) I've found several forums and it looks like this is going to be very hackable :) I'll let you know when I've had it awhile :)

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