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What Linux distro?


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Hey all,

I was wondering what distro I should use that are easy to manage, (Yum/Apt) and also Webmin (I found it rather easy).

I was going to put it at a friends house with some torrent client, she got 10/10Mbit - And not really using it :(

The computer I had in mind, and the reason Im asking this:

Model: Pentium II/Pentium II Xeon/Celeron

CPU Speed: 266 Mhz

PCI Devices

  • - atapci0: Intel PIIX4 UDMA33 controller
  • - isab0: PCI-ISA bridge
  • - pcib1: PCI-PCI bridge
  • - ral0: Ralink Technology RT2561S
  • - uhci0: Intel 82371AB/EB (PIIX4) USB controller
  • - vgapci0: VGA-compatible display
  • - vr0: VIA VT6102 Rhine II 10/100BaseTX

IDE Devices

- acd0: NEC DV-5700B/1.92

- ad0: Seagate ST310014A 3.09 (Capacity: 10.01 GB)

The Hard Drive is ofc going to be upgraded.

Any thoughts/suggestions highly appretiated.

And since Im Swedish, my English isnt that great, be gentle to my spelling :P

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Personally I would recommend FreeBSD (more stable, easier to use, requires minimal resources and has a cooler mascot), but if you insist on Linux then Debian/Ubuntu or Fedora/CentOS. But at the end of the day Linux is Linux, aside from the package manager its all pretty much the same.

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