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2 fons (1 for Jasager 1 for ICS) = no computer needed

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Ok guys I have no idea if this can even be done but I'm sure I will get an answer here.

I want to have two fons, one that has Jasager on it and that's it. The other i would like to be able to wirelessly connect it to a "real" wireless network to grab and pass Internet to the Jasager fon through the LAN connection just like and ICS setup but with no computer in the middle. Also i would like to broadcast another SSID that would forward all traffic from the LAN port to the wireless SSID of my chose so I may grab these packets from there.

If you have any clue how i might do this please let me know. All my research has lead nowhere that i like.


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This is how I said originally I'd do a stand alone setup as it would work well compared to what most people try to do which is have one fon do both wifi client to an ap and ap to its clients.

To do it you'd just have to setup the bridges correctly. First get the client side setup, associate that to an AP and bridge the wifi to the lan then connect the other Fon to it and on it bridge its lan to wifi. That should create a chain through from victim through both fons and out to the real AP.

As for sniffing traffic the best way to do it would be to setup an Interceptor style tap on the AP fon and have the VPN connect out to you through the network rather than you connecting in to it.

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