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soo....satellites anyone?


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(if you allready know all about the tv wars..dont bother reading lol just skip to the bottom)

so guess i gotta give you some background....in 2000(ish) i was 14...from the ages of 13- 18 i was involved with my next door neighbor's not so legitimate satellite TV services. it was so simple back then...pop in a card, load the latest coding, presto, tv for a good week or so.

then we found the emulator...the emulator came as a result of the massive packet drops that dtv was doing, and basically people just got tired of fixing them. as some of you may or maynot know...these massive packet drops were part of a bigger picture...before it had been 1 packet a week, one fix, and tv again. now we were getting 5 packets aday sometimes, for 2 months. (annoying) so the emulator virtualized the process of "fixing" the cards. basicially it just wrote the new script to the card and that was that..the card worked again.

THEN we found out why we had been getting the packets so frequently. those packets were peices of a dynamic program that were meaningless seperated but then on "black sunday" they sent down the compiler. the useless bits of program were compiled on the card and our satellite hacks were "GAMEOVER" ....gameover being the first 8 bytes on the now useless cards (or emulator ) that directv eversoquaintly used to let us know they won that round...of course a fix was found, and the cards were unlooped and the new process was taking a image from a good card and just copying it. (boring) this was quite a feet and an impressive manuever by dtv

eventually my neighbor got caught buying equipment from some known pirate dealer, and was fined 10k for me and 10k for himself (i was a minor) EVEN though "technically" its not illegal to program cards all day long, or to own the equipment to do so......(its illegal to use them) ....my neighbor gave up, paid the money and asked to be left alone by directv, and he was.

so here we are, a few weeks aways from the 9 year anniversary of black sunday, and i have to say...i sure as hell miss the fun of the "game" the back and forth of good and evil...and the money.... lol.

anyways...so now for the future part....why in the HELL are we still trying to crack the boxes and the cards? why dont we just build a friggin signal catcher, run the signal straight from the dish to the decoder and then to the tv...viola...no card need...ovisously its not that easy but why are we still messing with security when the signal is there for the taking? gpu processing power is making brute forcing hashes awfully easy these days....

of course, i would never again take part in these illegal procedures. :lol:

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thats what im saying, why hasnt anyone broken the encryption. the only way they could change the encryptin once you broke it is to send a ota update. and if your already in, then guess what...you get the update. not really interested in going to jail...just talking what ifs here.

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