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i came a cross this site http://www.omegamoon.com/blog/index.php and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharp_Zaurus, noticed that the zipit2 and the SL-C3000 have the same chip PXA270, and one of the blogs says it is for the SL-C3000. I would like to see it hak and the difference between the two?

love the show, been a fan since begin 2009, found in miro, been using ubuntu since 2008 and never turned back to the end user license agreement crowed.

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Sharp Zaurus only really sold well in Japan, the last few models they didn't even bother trying to sell them outside of Asia. The Nokia N900 is were its at. Now there are a lot of big name hackers getting them, I'm sure it will progress as a pentesting tool in the upcoming months and year.

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