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Backtrack tools in Ubuntu


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I've been running Ubuntu 9.10 on my Aspire One netbook and I couldn't be bothered dual-booting it to have Backtrack 4 on it... plus its not the most powerful machine so running it in a VM isn't really a good option either...

So i did a quick google the other day and discovered this: http://micksmix.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/i...ools-in-ubuntu/

Which is really cool... only downside to it that I've found is the menu is not organised in the folders like it is in backtrack 4... (anyone know how to go about fixing that?) but having the tools in Ubuntu 9.10 install is great...

Anyone done this???

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Ubuntu is not BackTrack and BackTrack is not ubuntu. The backtrack team have a reason they stuck with 8.10 and also creating their own disribution. They have their own repositories for BT4 now, and if you try and mix them with normal ubuntu installs, or even and ubuntu repositiories to backtrack 4, it wil break them. They customized their kernel and packages, dependancies, etc, but if you wanted to download the tools used in backtrack from the original sites themselves, any custom features in backtrack are not going to be there.

See this thread here at the bottom from Balding Parrot: http://www.backtrack-linux.org/forums/begi...e.html#post1139

If you have any questions, hes the man to speak to about backtrack tools and resources, and how you should proceed if you want to make ubuntu use tools from backtrack, and why you shouldnt mix the repositories. You will break something if you do because of the kernel fork and their custom settings.

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