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Recursively search for 100kB files and delete them


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I have a script were I need to make it recursively search for 100kB and delete them. The problem is that once files are in a folder, the script doesn't care for the size and deletes everything in the folders.

:: @echo off
:: schtasks /create /sc hourly /tn "Search and Destroy" /tr "goto :task"

for /r %%g in (*.wav) do [
goto :check

:: 102400 is in bytes and equates to 100kB
if %~z1 leq 102400 (
:: del /q /f %1
del /q /f %%g
goto :next_arguement
) else (
goto :end

goto :check

pause > nul
exit /b

This code should be structurally correct, but the "del /q /f %%g" doesn't delete anything unless it's "del /q /f %1" which is the command that loves to delete everything! The search for the wav files doesn't work either. I've been working on this for the past couple of days and am lucky I got this far! I would really appreciate any help on this.

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