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New Internet is Ballin


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I just decided to get cox cable instead of the universities wireless so i bought a Motorola SB6120 and got there preferred package here in Louisiana. I was expecting 12 Mbps down like my friends but when i speed tested it i was utterly surprised with a 60+ down speed. Upload isnt that great but wow for that download.


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You might want to edit the image and remove your IP address and user name.

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I know why, because you'r on cox, and your testing TO cox. Your never getting off the copper. Hell your probably not even hopping through a router.

I get 6mbps to the same server and I am just across the river. Why am I getting this as opposed to you? Cause I am hopping routers, repeaters, and fiber, and i believe cox clamps the connection to your bandwidth specs at the cable outbound connections, not internals. Especially for cable because of the nature of a cable connection (shared connection to one trunk instead of isolated connections) so I am getting my bandwidth cap as soon as I hit AT&T.

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64nd - if thats true - 6mbit is quite fast upload. As in OMG fast.

To put things in perspective - my entire office of 20 odd people share a single 6mbit/384k line. So your uplink is 20x faster than what 20-something folks use all day at my job.

8ms ping - wow you really aren't leaving cox network.

Try using the speakeasy test.

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