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Difference between Nintendo DS and Nintendo lite?


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Dude. Learn to use Google. Even Wikipedia has the info.

Even worse you posted the exact same question in other forums - and again, not even appropriate forums.

For a first post as a member this is not a great start.

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lol Well at least the O.P is living up to his/her user name. Surely using google would have yielded a quicker answer to the question.

BTW the only difference between the 2 is the NDS lite is made from asbestos and sprayed with lead paint.

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Only real difference is that you can't get original anymore... at least not from retailers.

Also minor note the lite is littel smaller.

Same Shit Differend Package

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I actually work for a games retailer here in ausland, and I have to answer this question a lot. There are a number of differences between the first version and the later Nintendo DS Lite:

- The Nintendo DS Lite has a MUCH brighter and vibrant screen. Much easier to see in bad lighting conditions.

- An undocumented improvement is reliability and sturdiness. The Nintendo DS Lite has a hinge that holds the two screens that spreads the whole length of the screen. The first Nintendo DS only has a small hinge holding the two screens, so it was susceptible to breaking the top screen off when it was dropped or stepped on.

- The Nintendo DS Lite has better battery life. Louder speakers

- The Nintendo DS Lite has a smaller more streamlined design that weighs less.

- The Nintendo DS Lite has a better, larger stylus to use. The original DS had a very thin stylus, that some people found uncomfortable to hold. Another problem it has was that the pens used to fall out of the original DS rather commonly, without tampering.

- The original version of the DS came with a wrist strap and a thumb stylus, but the Nintendo DS Lite does not, so you are going to have to factor this into the price.

I will state for the record that I actually own the ORIGINAL version of the DS. I would love a Lite or a DSi, but I don't use it enough to justify the price. However, I recommend that if you find the price between the original and the Lite is similar, you should try to get the Lite first. That's if you are in the market to buy one!

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